Our Donors

Conductor’s Circle
($1,000 +)

Lydia Adams
Joan Andrews
James Claydon
Eleanor Daley
Betty and Joe Gray Family Foundation
Vern and Elfrieda Heinrichs
Ruth Watson Henderson
Harry and Kathy Howie
LNFC Educational and Cultural Foundation
Mandarin Shopping Centre Limited
Corinne McDonald
Sue Woodland*


Bell Canada Employee Giving Program (John Brooker)
Reid Brownscombe
One In memory of Raimo Toiviainen
Classical 96.3/MZ Media
Lynda Clark
Karen Freedman
Sari Goldenberg
Kathy Irvin
Catherine Patterson*
RBC Employee Volunteer Grant Program (John Stairs)
Julie Winn
Kathryn Winning
In memory of Sir David Willcocks and Florence Adams


Barbara Adams
Heather Benson
Anne Bornath
Jennifer Boyd
Anne Compagnie
Cherie Ann Crosby
John Fenton
Donald Gorman
Jane Gorman
Laura Hope
Richard Humphrey
Eric MacKeracher
Paul Marshall
Sr Edna Martin-Loretto Abbey Infirmary
Maura McGroarty
Joseph Murray
Anne Parks
In memory of Marion Stacey
Angus Peter and Mary Jane Ross
John François Roy
In memory of Raimo Toiviainen
Richard Scott
Bonnie Tepperman
Toronto Foundation (Marjorie J. Sharpe)
Virginia Winn
Anonymous (1)

(up to $199)

June Abel
Margaret Allen
Jan Andrews
Peter Andrews
David Barlow
In memory of Raimo Toiviainen
Lydia Bell
Leonard Bick
In memory of Raimo Toiviainen
Daniel Bogue
Mitch Bondy
John Brooker
Gwyneth Buck
Susan Chernin
Barbara Clark
Nancy Covell
Thomas Ferry
Janet Fryer
Margaret Colleen Glass
Jeanne Graham
Nadia Heyd
June Higgins
Ellen Jaaku
Olena Jatsyshyn
Janet Lam
Kathryn Leach
Margaret Lee
Michael and Vivian Lee
Jana Leggett
Karen Mackie
Elizabeth MacLean
Kathy McGrath
Kathleen Tapp Mock
Mishy Moffitt
Marina Mooney
Anne Orunuk
Hugh Peacock
Claire Preston
Cathy Robinson
Zlatko Sakač
Elizabeth Sauder
John Sawarna
Debbie Scoffield
Warren Sorensen
In memory of Gregory Williams
Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes
John Stairs
Stouffville Hardware o/a Cards TV and Appliances
Bonnie Temperman
Judy Tracey
Nancy Vogan
David Yung
Anonymous (1)

*Includes gift to the Voices of Earth recording fund.

List reflects donors from October 20, 2015 to October 24, 2016 at the level receipted. If we have made an error or omitted your name from this list, please accept our sincere apologies and contact us at admin@amadeuschoir.com.